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O/R Mapping Engine based on SOURCE CODE GENERATION.

2006/04/28 Commercial Version Released.-> see release note at FREE DOWNLOAD

Introduction Demo->[03min40sec]
This demo show you how to start CROSSFIRE O/R and what this tool generates.
Watching this DEMO is the easiest way to understand !

 gCROSSFIRE O/Rh is a product to generate Java Program instead of human. We can generate Java Program executing SQL by using JDBC with this product.

  1. All of the JAVA programs to execute SQL(SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE), whoknows SQL but doesnft know JAVA can join JAVA development team.

  2. Makeing development speed very fast.

  3. Simple O/R Mapping tool based on JDBC.The generated method maps the result of SELECT Query into JavaBean according to the foreign key information.

  4. Automatically adjust AND/OR conditions when runtime valuables are unset. (PRO Edition only)

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